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Monday, 16 October 2017

Aliens, NDE and Purple Hebrew Fire Letters ...

I've often been asked what are the strangest experiences, or phenomenon I've ever had? Have I seen, or been, in contact with aliens? Have I experienced a NDE .... 

What always springs to mind are the following strange experiences, though there are numerous others I could mention as well...

Number one on the list of strange phenomenon, must be the incredible Purple 'Fire Hebrew Letter' or burning 'Yod' that overwhelmed my entire awareness back in the early 2000's. I'd just settled into bed, had closed my eyes, but was still very much awake, when I noticed a small, moving, object in the back of my mind. It moved closer and closer, until I became aware it was of a purplish colour and appeared to be a flame of some kind. It continued to loom closer and closer, getting bigger and bigger until it hovered in front of my eyes. In the next instance the burning 'fire letter' had then entered through the brow of my head and immediately immersed my entire body, from head to toe, in an overwhelming energy of bliss and incredible energetic 'power'. It lasted for only a second or two, but it was an immense experience. Something I've never had since, and something I found the understanding of in the 'Keys Of Enoch' several months later.

Number two was the Near Death Experience or 'actual death experience' that I went through back in late 2014 when I had been taken seriously ill and rushed to a Medical Centre for treatment. I'd collapsed on the floor of the Medical Centre in incredible pain, and had slipped unconscious. I'd immediately witnessed a strobe of light emanating from above my head which had then enveloped me in its light. Immediately, I kind of 'shifted' my awareness from being in incredible pain, to somewhere else entirely. I'd merely entered another state of awareness, one in which I totally forgot the earth plane. I was commencing a journey across a sunlit field when I heard shouting my name. I found myself somehow back in my pain wracked body. For the next twelve weeks I was able to enter this altered state of awareness, at will, to avoid the intense pain from my body, and to also meet up with entities on other dimensions. During those journeys into these other dimensions, I could not fail the notice the incredible bliss, freedom and sense of belonging I experienced there. I know for a fact these were not dreams but projections by my consciousness to other dimensions where I was receiving healing and had a chance to review my life.

Number three was the time I awoke from sleep early one morning back in the mid 1980's to find five beings appear out of thin air in front of me. They were around 4ft 5ins in height and wore what looked like Egyptian masks. There was some kind of spinning/moving apparatus in their stomach area. It was literally as if someone had spray painted the air and made them appear. I understood they must have had the ability to translocate themselves from their reality to ours.

Number four was the time I was literally punched by a male entity that had appeared in the back of my mind one night when I'd just ventured to bed and closed my eyes. It wasn't a dream, I had become aware of this male who had suddenly squared up in front of me and landed a punch .... I felt the impact, all the way through my body, with a jolt ... as the punch appeared to strike an energy field around the top of my head; an energy field that enveloped my entire body like a sheath - Matthew James

“Communication is the one class no one graduates from. Even the wisest man's words will be misinterpreted by a fool.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Image of the Day

Welcome Swallow - Australia

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

Sitting With Feelings

Queenstown NZ - Copyright Matthew James 
Daily OM: It can take great courage to really sit with our feelings, allowing ourselves to surrender to their powerful energies. All too often we set our feelings aside, thinking we will deal with them later. If we don't deal with them, we end up storing them in our minds and bodies and this is when anxiety and other health issues can arise. Denying what our bodies want to feel can lead to trouble now or down the line, which is why being in the thick of our feelings, no matter how scary it seems, is really the best thing we can do for ourselves.

One of the reasons we tend to hide or push aside our feelings is that we live in a culture that has not traditionally supported emotional awareness. However, as the connection between mind and body--our emotions and our physical health-- becomes clearer, awareness of the importance of feeling our feelings has more>>>...

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Totem Bird of the Day

“Reality is much stranger than you think, It is not really what you see around you, which is just a streaming computer virtual upload you are assigned to believe” - Matthew James

“Forgetting isn’t the key to moving on. Remembering is, because only once we’ve remembered can we forget.” ― Emma Hart

The Near Death Experience in Iraq That Defies Belief

 Natalie Sudman had quite an unusual near-death experience in the moment when her truck hit the bomb. She did not experience the typical out-of-body experience where she might have been floating above the scene before rushing through a tunnel toward the light. Instead, Natalie simply blinked from one environment to another instantly, finding herself on a sort of stage addressing thousands of other spirits who seem to be studying her experience vicariously.

Natalie then describes a sort of download of information. She calls it a “transfer of information in the form of an inexplicably complex matrix”. The information included “events, thoughts, incidents, individuals, and groups in all their relationship complexities: stories, concepts, connections, nuances, layers, judgements, and projections. It included kinetic equations and dimensions and symbols and flows.” or as she says later, “might be very broadly understood as cultural and political information.”

FBI now scrubbing all evidence of a second shooter at the Las Vegas massacre

Natural News: So why is the FBI now deleting all evidence of a second shooter? According to The Daily Sheeple: "According to multiple reports, as well as additional sources cited by Infowars, people who worked at the Route 91 festival where the mass shooting took place have had their phones and laptops returned to them by the FBI only to find that ALL their videos and messages from the night of the horrific attack have been completely wiped clean."

A Facebook status update by a Las Vegas resident who worked the festival reads, “A bunch of people that worked the Route 91 said they got their cell phones back today. They all said that all their phones are completely wiped clean! All messages and info from that weekend are completely gone. Anyone else experience this?” more>>>....

“What is important is not what you hear said, it's what you observe.” ― Michael Connelly

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Worthington Lakes, Lancs, UK

Saturday, 14 October 2017

“Make your ego porous. Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing. Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

Same Choices, Same Results

Daily OM: Repeated bouts of adversity are an unavoidable aspect of human existence. We battle against our inner struggles or outer world forces, and in many cases, we emerge on the opposite side of struggle stronger and better equipped to cope with the challenges yet to come. However, we can occasionally encounter trials that seem utterly hopeless. We strike at them with all of our creativity and perseverance, hoping desperately to bring about change, only to meet with the same results as always. Our first instinct in such situations is often to push harder against the seemingly immovable obstruction before us, assuming that this time we will be met with a different outcome. But staying power and stamina net us little when the same choices consistently garner the same results. A change in perspective, behavior, or response can do so much more to help us move past points where no amount of effort seems sufficient to overcome the difficulties before us.

Whether our intention is to change ourselves or some element of the world around us, we cannot simply wish for transformation or hope that our lives will be altered through more>>>..

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Grey Squirrel - UK

“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” ― Ana├»s Nin

Friday, 13 October 2017

Totem Bird Of The Day

“Quite often the false ego can convince you that it is an angelic visitor, or an ascended hero ... because the false ego knows that’s what you want to believe” - Matthew James

Memories Not Meant To Be Forgotten

More often, than not, it is very difficult to remember memories from our past. We have a recollection of the random memories, that our sub-conscious has retained in our cognitive library, but rarely anything else. We can spend hours trying to piece together ancient parts of ourselves, to no avail.

A town, or place, we once lived in, for example. We may have spent years there, and had ample vivid experiences there, but to remember those experiences years later proves impossible.

 Our mental librarian, because we've not used these 'books' for so long, decides to file those memories away into the rarely visited section of our minds, and so we find it hard to recall anything but the sketchy outlines of our life back then.

We also are prone to not remembering the events of a situation, exactly how they happened, our sub-conscious choosing instead to re-write those events how it wanted them to pan out, to perhaps wallpaper over painful emotions and memories. We have regrets associated with these particular events, perhaps, and when these memories flare up, from time to time, we feel the regret or the sadness we now have for not experiencing what we really want to do at those points in our lives. There appears no rhyme or reason for this, to the conscious mind. We are, more often than not, left feeling a little irritated by these memories rising to the surface once more.

Perhaps these thoughts are not meant to be forgotten? Perhaps that are actually reminders of the lessons we are meant to learn here on earth? Our growth process works a little like a muscle group during a training exercise. The muscle has to be torn, in order to grow back bigger. The same might be the case with our spiritual growth process? 'No pain, no gain' they say' ... the memories we forget are perhaps 'assimilated' meaning they are filed away or overwritten, because we no longer need them. Only the summary sheet remains. Whereas, those painful regrets keep coming to the surface because there is still something to be learnt from them.

“The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it might have led.” ― Lisa Wingate

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Water Lizard - Australia

Thursday, 12 October 2017

“Knowledge is an exceptional kind of property which cannot be lost or used up.” ― Eraldo Banovac

"Why do we complicate live, when it was meant to be very simple?"

Secret groups planning false flag “alien” attack to roll out world government

Natural News: Dr. Greer, a prominent UFO researcher and emergency room physician, founder of Sirius Disclosure and creator of the popular new documentary Unacknowledged, explains that he believes many so-called “UFO sightings” are actually sightings of human-made aircraft, and that super secret groups exist inside the U.S. government which plan to stage a faked, “false flag” alien invasion attack in order to roll out globalist government that tramples individual human liberties more>>>...

Some people will never find their highest aspiration, because their false ego will make them look in the wrong place -Matthew James

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Copyright |Matthew James

Silence Of The Heart

Daily OM: We spend a lot of time attempting to put the feelings in our hearts into words, to communicate to others our passions, our emotions, and our love. Often we are so busy trying to translate our heart's roar into language that we miss the most profound experience the heart has to offer, which is silence. Every poem arises from this silence and returns to it. When all the songs have been sung, the soliloquies delivered, the emotions expressed, silence is what remains. As each wave of feeling rises and falls back into the silence, we have an opportunity to connect with the vast, open, powerfully healing wisdom at the soundless center of our hearts.

Our hearts may seem noisy and tumultuous so much of the time that we do not even associate them with silence. It takes a sensitive ear to tune in to the silence of the heart, but it is there in each one of us, so close and so large that we do not even notice more>>>...