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Thursday, 14 December 2017

A Dying Simulation

We are connected into an apparent reality owned in its absolute entirety by 'The Demiurge Corporation'. Every megapixel of the scene around you is bound into that ownership. When you look out into the reality, at your apparent body, you are gazing at something that is very much an asset of that corporation. Your body is not owned by you, it is rented out by the corporation.

This is the strange phenomena we have been taught from an early age as 'being your life'. The one and only chance to live in a totally accidental existence. Basically it is a con.

This, as has been stated many times, is nothing but a simulated reality. One which you are not actually IN ... you are connected to it as a virtual reality. Your now is all there is. Your focus as the observer. Everything taking place ... is a simulation. Your owned body of empty atoms ... is merely a clever mass of sound frequencies which appear to be a solid mass. When you go to 'sleep' ... your body ceases to exist, because your focus is taken away from the sounds needed to give it apparent reality. The same can be said of everything outside of where you are now, and what your see right now.

We are getting distracted. We have many things to discuss in these posts. The Demiurge Corporation has even laid down a life plan, or blueprint for you. Its what you supposedly agree too prior to being recycled again. You are leading a life, playing a role. which might have been experienced a thousand times (If it is listed in the favourites list of lives). Your algorithms are not unique to YOU. It is a programmed path. An artificial intelligence. Your false self and your lower aeon soul are not YOU. They are computer simulations. A programmed path. A path the corporation has you following like a rat in a maze. You are playing a life, exerting your infinite awareness energy into this holographic reality.

You like all the others doing the same ... are providing energy to a dying simulation. A simulation devoid of creative energy. Your participation in this simulation is keeping it alive. Hence the main reason for the recycling of your soul. More on this later - Matthew James

“A good traveller is one who knows how to travel with the mind.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson,

Very bizarre encounters with truly surreal and mysterious humanoids

S.O.T.T: When looking at sightings reports of strange creatures and mysterious entities every so once in a while one comes across something that just seems to exist out in its own sphere of bizarreness, something so incredibly odd that it falls outside of any known category and which leaves us utterly baffled. 

 These cases swirl about there on the outer edges of strangeness, seeming to defy us and challenge us to try and make sense of them. Here I bring you a selection of truly out there reports concerning humanoid creatures that lie squarely entrenched in the realm of the truly unexplained. From deer-headed men, to bizarre stick figures, to other less definable things and more, here are some of the more>>>...

"We are all just a shadow self in this apparent reality" - Matthew James

Sparrow - Totem Bird of the Day

"You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself"

A Stress-Free Home

Daily Om: Sometimes our lives are so busy that we treat our homes as if they were impersonal places that we merely pass through. But we can make certain that our homes truly feel like our sanctuaries by taking the time to tend to them like gardens, which need care in order to offer us the beauty of their blooms. When we take the time to treat our homes like beloved treasures, we can shift their energy from being merely places to being wellsprings for the replenishment of our energy. 

Consider that homes are the outer reflections of those who live within. If we feel that the current appearance clashes with how we'd like to see ourselves, it can keep us from fully allowing our light to shine. Updating our homes to reflect our inner landscape need not involve massive redecorating or a large outlay of money. Small things can make a big difference, like simply moving items so that we constantly gaze upon the things we love the most, liberating the treasures we've hidden in our closets, using our best dishes and making small more>>>...

'Memory Lane' - 14th December 2016


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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

“Shake hands with today; it is here already. Bid farewell to yesterday; it’s gone already. Never let yesterday’s pain rob you of today’s gains. Drive yourself positively!” ― Israelmore Ayivor

How Strong Is Your Intuition? It Might Be The Highest Form Of Intelligence

Collective Evolution: Intuition itself doesn’t equal intelligence, but intuition with action most certainly can be intelligent. You’ve probably said it to yourself before, I knew that was the answer; I should have went with my first instinct. You see, this is an example of how your intuition often knows what your conscious mind does not. But just as Gigerenzer says, he tests his first instinct to see if it was correct and often time it is. So, intuition does hold some form of intelligence.

So, despite often having that great idea, do you find that you have a difficult time trusting this answer or path is correct? The amazing thing about intuition is that it can be thought of as a muscle. Every time you use it and trust it, it becomes stronger. So, if you feel your intuition isn’t very clear, try strengthening this muscle. Next time, act on the first idea that comes your way.

Try acting on the first thought you have, and see how often it leads you where you need to go, or gives you the right answer. You may be pleasantly surprised.

“When they finally get to arrive at the destination they saw you at.. you have already moved on to another location” - Matthew James


A Domino Effect

So this world of apparent physical reality is an illusion. A persistent one. So our daily lives are nothing more than make believe that has programmed to feel real. And we are stolen consciousness trapped within an advanced computer within a distorted copy of the real world. So we have a being called Sophia to thank for this delusion.

And our bodies, and our lives, and our apparent physical existence are owned by 'The Demiurge Corporation' ... and administrators for that corporation have been instructed to tighten the noose still tighter with their clever algorithms. So we have that to contend with ....

It is possible to enjoy our time within this illusion. Accept its an illusion and everything that goes on in here is an experience to have. Your experiences are accumulated memories of a false soul, nothing more. Meaningless adventures within a software game. Adventures that barely trouble your true self - your high aeon soul. If it is even aware of your toils and troubles within here.

Once you go beyond the surveillance, and the paranoia of the psychotic nut jobs that have been put in positions of power within this apparent realm, you can see plainly there is no need to let your false soul be recycled into another phantom self. Being aware of this illusion makes your time within these holographic fibres that much sweeter. That much more rewarding.

So the apparent world around you is in chaos and in disarray. Know that is exactly what the corporation desires, for it literally hates the real world. It literally hates creation and wishes to destroy, destroy, destroy. Having trapped infinite awareness here it has a point to prove. Being aware of its malice within every aspect of this hologram permits an apparent human to read the signs. To play the game correctly ... and change its perception to put a spanner in the works of the algorithmic programs. By doing things that are not written into those algorithms for the phantom self which is you. For everyone within here has pathways and outcomes which are anticipated ... by not undertaking the anticipated steps, an apparent human can really bring the wheels of the corporation wagon to a grinding halt. Enough apparent humans doing things unexpected and the software will develop a bug. A problem. A virus to fight a virus. A domino effect. Just saying - Matthew James

"Although the mountain is a copy of the original, it still contains an essence of the truth" - Matthew James

The Building Of A Great Mind

A great mind does not come from ancestors, but from the life, the thought and the actions of the individual himself; and such a mind can be constructed by any one who understands the art of mind building, and who faithfully applies his art.

You may have a small mind today, and your ancestors for many generations back may have been insignificant in mental power; nevertheless, you may become even exceptional in mental capacity and brilliancy if you proceed to build your mind according to the principles of exact science; and those principles any one can apply.

There are two obstacles, however, that must be removed before this building process can begin, and the first one of these is the current belief in heredity. That we inherit things is true, but the belief that we cannot become any larger or any better than our inheritance is not true. As long as a man believes that greatness is not possible to him because there were no great minds among his ancestors, he is holding himself down, and cannot become any more than he subconsciously thinks he can; while on the other hand, the man who expects to become much because he had remarkable grandfathers is liable to be disappointed because he depends too much upon his illustrious forefathers and not enough upon himself. Blood will tell when combined with ambition, energy and enterprise, but the very best of blood will prove worthless in the life of him who expects ancestral greatness to carry him through. When we have received good things we must turn them to good account or nothing is gained. Our success will not come from the acts of our forefathers, but can come alone from what we are doing more>>>....

“You are never alone. You are eternally connected with everyone.” ― Amit Ray


Mindful Walking

Daily Om: Many of us take the benefits of walking for granted. Each day we limit the steps we take by driving or sitting for long periods of time. But walking even a few blocks a day has unlimited benefits  not only for our health, but our spirit as well, for as we walk, we connect with the earth.

Even when walking on concrete, the earth is still beneath us, supporting us. Walking lets our body remember simpler times, when life was less complicated. This helps us slow down to the speed of our body and take the time to integrate the natural flow of life into our cellular tissue. Instead of running from place to place or thinking about how much more we can fit into our day, walking allows us to exist in the moment.

Each step we take can lead us to becoming more mindful of ourselves and our feelings. Walking slows us down enough not only to pay attention to where we are in our body, but also to our breath. Taking time to simply notice our breath while we walk, through the length of our inhales and exhales, and becoming attuned to the way in which we breathe is taking a step towards mindfulness. When we become more mindful, we gradually increase our awareness of the environment around us and start to recognize that the normal flow of our thoughts and feelings are not always related to where we are in the present more>>>...

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'Memory Lane' - 13th December 2016


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” ― Marie Curie

Manifesting Your Will

New Dawn Magazine: Much of New Thought is about manifesting your will. It’s far more helpful to do this if your will is in alignment with your own higher nature. This exercise is designed to help you accomplish this aim. It may be read aloud and recorded, or one person may read it to another or to a group if that is helpful.

Sit in a comfortable but erect position, free from disturbances, so that you can be as relaxed and alert as possible. You may want to begin with a prayer to God or to whatever Higher Power you find suitable for guidance in this particular situation (e.g., work, love, finances, etc.). Close your eyes and allow your attention to come to the breath. Simply let it flow in and out, without any desire to change it in any way.

As the breath relaxes into a steady rhythm, allow your attention to come to the sensations of the body. Feel your feet on the floor, your back against the chair, your hands and arms – whatever part of the body presents itself to your attention. You may start to feel sensation as a kind of subtle current that flows where it wills throughout your body. (If not, however, that’s also fine.)

Then allow yourself to sense your body as a whole, in a single moment. (This may require some concentration if you’re not an experienced meditator.) Let your attention rest for a moment on the solar plexus – the point at the centre of the body just below the rib more>>>...

The Spirit Mind

This illusory world of apparent physical existence relies on the control of human perceptions through fear, routine and denial of self expression. Somewhere in recent programming upgrades, the administrators of the holographic computer introduced algorithms that resulted in the genetic modification of the apparent human form. The most significant of these modifications was the separation of the apparent brain into two distinctive hemispheres.

There was no way to completely eradicate the traits that are associated with the right brain - in doing so it wasn't possible to keep the connected infinite awareness contained within the program. It was no good having just 'souls' in the physical awareness. The intention was always to have copied high aeon spirits present in the program.

The left brain was the 'new wonder' of the programming. The new upgrade created a hive mind and a segment that could constantly transmit fear and survival requirements into the mind of the apparent physical form. The means of control and dominion had been created. Systematic overloading of the mind subdued the self expression and self awareness that the right hand brain possessed as part of the remaining traits of the high aeon spirit. However it was found that it has not been possible to totally eradicate the creative expression and individuality of the apparent human being. This can only be done by totally removing all aspects of the spirit from the form. Thus a totally left hand brain controlled apparent awareness has soul, but no spirit.

By focusing on creative expression and creative pursuits, and drawing upon the positive vibrations created by these natural pleasures, the effects of the left hand brain can be overridden. In theory the onset of all, and any, fear can be prevented by being immersed in creativity. Indeed, by taking the awareness still further .... the power of the imagination has been chastised by the left brain ruled society in this apparent reality. Its importance has been denied and its pursuits are being discouraged more and more to ensure the fear factor is the strongest control of the apparent human mind. Imagination is the gate way to the spirit and to the true self. Along this avenue, the illusion of apparent human incarnation can be dispelled .... the right brain is the spirit mind - Matthew James

“We are here but for a second, but our impact ripples through time.” ― Neetal Parekh

First Sight - the natural ability of 2nd sight

A book by Dr. James Carpenter shows that not only is psychic ability something we all have that is not limited to a few ‘gifted’ individuals, but that the only explanation for the knowledge of future events that some people exhibit has to come from outside of our brains and when it comes to our brains – there’s a lot more going on in them than many people realise.

Dr. Carpenter’s theory which he calls ‘First Sight’ takes the position that our brains are receiving far more unconscious information that we think they are. This information is ‘extrasensory’ (beyond our senses to detect), and far from this being a flash or premonition in a moment of crisis, the flow of information we receive is continuous. Dr. Carpenter first became interested in psychic phenomena when he was a child as his mother just seemed to ‘know’ things and receive visions which would turn out later to be true. Turning first to science for an explanation, he then began to realise that far from being unusual, the ability to receive this kind of information is part of the normal workings of our mind intended to guide and help us. However, most of us remain unaware of this information – until we need it. However, the information we are receiving is clearly non-local and not from our brains which clearly have to be linked to some universal ‘open source’ of information.

‘First Sight’ is an exciting look at how we all use ESP, memory, subliminal perception and this connection to this ‘open source’ which guides us in all our decisions. Not only that. Dr. Carpenter was able to pin-point how and when this ‘non local’ information can be expected to turn up – or should we say when we are likely to become aware of it, expanding our knowledge of how the brain works and psychology in the process.

To start to experience more First Sight in our lives, in other words, to tap into the psychic ability we all have, Dr. Carpenter recommends we adopt an open mind, state your need for the information and above all don’t analyse – literally open ourselves up to receiving information from this ‘open source’ more>>>...

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Missing Our Old Habits

Daily Om: Whenever we make the effort to free ourselves of an addiction or a habit we no longer need, we are often surprised to find ourselves missing the old pattern as we would a familiar friend. 

This sounds counter-intuitive, because we think we should instinctively gravitate toward that which is good for us. And yet, it makes a lot of sense when you consider that we humans are creatures of habit. This is why we gravitate to people and places--and patterns of behaviour--that make us feel comfortable. Therefore, many of the habits we form are not conscious and are based instead on learned behaviour from role models who were not always making the healthiest decisions. 

Most addictions begin as a way of avoiding feelings that are extremely uncomfortable, so it makes sense that stopping the addiction means, for a time, a fair amount of more>>>...